My dream of being a Sheep Breeding Consultant

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November 24, 2017


My dream of being a Sheep Breeding Consultant

I grew up on a sheep farm and loved to be around the sheep. In particular I loved the round ups in the autumn. There I met my first role model, a sheep breeding consultant, named Óli Vagns.

The Sheep Breeding Consultant task is to help the farmers to improve their breeding. That means matching the right genes (paring the ram and sheep) to achieve better results in meat & wool quality.

Every sheep is weighted and measured and if prominent, the sheep goes to ultrasounds to check out the fat layers. As you might have guessed the Sheep Breeding Consultant is in charge of the equipment.

As many of you may have noticed, dreams change over time and now I´m a part of a team running a creative company in honour of the sheep, our favourite animal.

Katrin Thorsteinsdóttir, one of WETLAND founder


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