Meet Heiða, the sheep farmer

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November 24, 2017


Meet Heiða, the sheep farmer

Heiða Guðný Ásgeirsdóttir used to walk the catwalks of New York and Milano. At the age of 23 she took over the family farm at Ljótsstaðir in South Iceland when her late father could no longer manage the 6.464 hectare farm. She now lives there with her mother and 500 sheep.

Heiða is a well known environmental activist in Iceland. A few years ago a large power company in Iceland proposed plans to build a hydroelectric power plant with a reservoir that would cover much of her farm. Heiða opposed the plan and refused to sell her farm to the company despite fierce pressure. Her fight, which she eventually won, did not go unnoticed and in 2016 her biography, written by well known Icelandic writer Steinunn Sgurðardóttir, was published. Heiða is currently a substitute member of parliament for the Left Green Movement, a democratic socialist and green political party in Iceland.

Heiða is an independent, hardworking woman with strong ethics and respect for nature. She is a great role-model for women everywhere and an inspiration for the WETLAND-team. We are very proud to have her model the first WETLAND line.


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