WETLAND is a sustainable design brand from Iceland focusing on modern, timeless products with a nordic influence. Our priciples are based on quality, longevity and social awareness with great respect for nature. In WETLANDs first collection the main material is Icelandic lamb shearling, a quality by product from our local hero the Icelandic sheep who kept our nation alive in the most dramatic moment of our history that is shaped by isolation, extreme weathers and natural disasters.

WETLAND is a proud partner of Icelandic Lamb // https://icelandiclamb.is/

THE TEAM WETLAND was established in the beginning of 2017 by 3 Icelandic women from North Iceland Sunneva, Elisabet & Katrin.

Sunneva is a fashion designer who has for years specialized in designing products made from Icelandic double faced lamb shearling. In 1992 Sunneva established her own label Sunneva Design, that has ever since produced quality products from lamb shearling. She studied in Italy where she fell in love with Icelandic lamb shearling and its qualities.

Elisabet is a graduate from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts with a degree in graphic design. She is a co-founder of the Design studio Volki which empasizes on design of graphical and vividly colored products from Icelandic wool, as well one of highly respected art establishment Mengi in Reykjavik.

Katrin is an MBA who also studied design in Denmark. She has worked in different fields during her career and has acquired extensive financial and mangement experience. Importantly, Katrin was brought up on a sheep farm. She not only brings a practical touch to Wetland through her studies and experience but also a passionate one from her upbringing amongst the animals.